New Bengali Film Did a Marvelous Job at the Box Offices

The recent Tollywood movies had done a marvelous job at the box offices. They were able to attract a lot of people to the halls. New Bengali film like Boss and Alik Sukh had great story lines.

If you are a big fan of the Tolly movie hits then there is great news to bring on a flash of instant smile on your lips. The recent big hits have done quite well at the box offices. It has been able to attract a large number of fans and public to the nearest movie halls. To name a few hits include Boss, Proloy, Half Serious, Alik Sukh, Hoi Choi, C/O Sir and a lot more. They have had good starcast along with excellent direction and lovely songs. Certainly these three factors were the basic ones to draw a large crowd to the theatre.

Bengali movie Boss

The movies were interesting, romantic and thrilling at the same time. For instance speaking about the recent release of the movie Boss starring Jeet and the gorgeous Subhashree, were liked by one and all. The new Bengali film is all about a Mumbai police Commissioner who announces that the city has been free of local goons. But the Surya (Jeet), has other intentions. He arranges of a plan to fill up the gap and starts to spread his tentacles in Mumbai. Another major movie that was the talk of the town was Proloy. The story revolves around an anti-rape crusader of the village named Dukhiya. A teacher who is fearless is all set to fight for this cause.

Other movies like Alik Sukh also had a unique story. A gynecologist named Kinshuk Guha had a happy family with wife and a child named Tatan. His elderly parents too stayed with them. All was fine until one day things fell apart. The movie is full of suspense and thriller and an interesting one. Just refer to the internet sites to check out latest movie reviews and their ratings.


Legendary Bengali Directors and Their Immortal Works

Bengali directors like Ajoy Kor, Asit Sen, Tarun Majumdar and many other have created immortal works. Great movies are directed by these people.

From Satyajit Ray to Ritwik Ghatak, Tapan Sinha and many more are some best talented directors of Bengal. They have established themselves both in the domestic and international spheres as great people. Besides these eminent names there are a few other people who have also contributed in presenting some valuable films. People like Asit Sen, Tarun Majumdar, Ajoy Kor can be placed in this category. Ajoy Kor, a person who started his career as a cameraman and later directed few great films. One of his famous directions includes a movie named Jighangsha. This movie starred Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen.

bengali directors

Later there came other movies named Saptapadi, which was also directed by the same Ajoy Kor. After Saptapadi, there released a list of movies named Parineeta, Kanchakata Heere and many more. Even another hit named Saath Pakhe Bandha starring Soumitra Chatterjee was a huge hit at the box office. This film was selected for a number of film festivals and other nominations. Being a superb cameraman, he knew all the best angles that were required for a good scene in movies.

Among Bengali directors there was another eminent personality named Asit Sen whose numerous movies were translated into Hindi Movies. One of his famous works included Deep Jwele Jaye, where Suchitra Sen played the lead role. She received numerous awards for this role. This movie, much later was translated into a Hindi version named Khamosi starring Waheeda Rahman. Even Uttar Falguni starring Uttam Kumar was another of his great hits. Tarun Majumdar, another eminent person started with Palatak that did not have any famous star cast, but was still capable of having a mark in the box offices. Beautiful songs and perfect visuals of villages were portrayed in this movie.

These eminent personalities are people who are remembered by the film world as someone who have spread good value of art and culture.

The Original Superstars: Bengali Cinema’s First Faces

Bengalis are famous for their love of art and culture. Large expressive eyes and a penchant for performance have always been characteristics associated with Bengalis and it’s only natural that the movie industry from this part of the country has produced some memorable actors and actresses.

uttam kumar

The most well known Bengali actor to date has been Uttam Kumar. He had a close bond with Satyajit Ray, the director had written the main character in Nayak with Kumar in mind.   His performances in both Hindi and Bengali film turned him into a cultural icon.  He was a regular in Tollywood news for his cinematic work. He had a phenomenal fan base which continues even to this day. Reruns of his films on television decades after his death are still eagerly watched. Uttam Kumar’s time is considered by most as the golden era of Bengali cinema.

Suchitra Sen, Uttam Kumar’s female counterpart in many of his hits was also a famous actress in her own right. She was the first Bengali actress to win an international award for her role in Saat Paake Bandha. She received a Best Actress Award for the film Devdas (1955), which was her first Hindi movie.

Soumitra Chatterjee is an iconic Bengali actor from, known among other things for his frequent collaborations with Satyajit Ray. His film debut came in 1959 in Ray’s The World of Apu. He was cast in diverse roles and featured as Feluda in Ray’s series of detective movies based on the novels. These roles showcased Chatterjee’s versatility in playing diverse characters, especially in an urban setting.

These actors paved the way for the performers of today. Besides creating a name for themselves and peppering Tollywood news, these three talented thespians created a cinematic identity for Kolkata based films.

Tollywood’s Legendary Sultans of Cinema


The cinematic styles of West Bengal, popularly known as Tollywood, has a humungous fan following. From Kolkata to Assam, people are avid followers of this film industry. Today, Bengali movies are up to, if not better than, Bollywood standards. In fact, the term ‘Bollywood’ was inspired by the Bengali ‘Tollywood’, which is a juxtaposition of ‘Tollygunge’ and ‘Wood’ (as in Hollywood).  Numerous actors and directors are turning their lenses towards our city in the hope of finding inspiration and beauty.

Tollywood itself has had some renowned directors, some who have enjoyed national and international acclaim! Here are a few of the Tollywood directors who helped cement the vision of Kolkata as a haven for movie makers.


Hiralal Sen was the man who brought cinema into Kolkata by setting up the Royal Bioscope Company. He created adaptations of theatrical shows, made news films, took commissions, made ad films and put on private shows for high society.

Our next director needs no introduction as he’s one of the best directors who have been produced from this side of the world. Satyajit Ray career as a movie maker was as successful as it was groundbreaking. He won an Academy Award, an award at the Cannes Film festival and numerous other international honours for his emotionally deep and complex movies like Pather Panchali.

Another great director is Mrinal Sen, is the recipient of the French distinction of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters and the Russian Order of Friendship. Other prominent film makers include Bimal Roy and Ritwik Ghatak. Together, from 1952 to 1975, these directors transformed Tollywood to the art movie legends it is known for producing today.

How to Obtain the Most Interesting Tollywood News

Obtaining the most interesting Tollywood news is made possible with quality websites dedicated to the purpose. These websites can be accessed through all mediums that can support internet.

Tollywood is certainly going places with a number of super talented actors and directors coming up with their best shots. As a Kolkatan, we do feel happy about how our Bengali movies are earning fame not just within the boundaries of West Bengal, but all over the country and beyond. In the present years, we often come across Tollywood releases that involve renowned Bollywood star cast and international stars as well. It only goes on to show that almost all people from any corner of the world are able to relate with the movies of Tollywood.

tollywood news

Considering the fact that there is so much going on with Tollywood productions, Kolkatans are ever hungry to know about each and every details about each and every event that seems to be making headlines in the news papers. Come evening, all regular Kolkatans get their eyes glued to their televisions to absorb every bit of news that may have happened in the industry. Which star created a uproar wearing what to which event, who slurred whose name to get that much coveted role in which movie, which budding star declined which established director’s approach to cast him / her, all details of every star wedding and information of the like is practically therapeutic for all who are addicted to the same.

Considering the importance of Tollywood news to people in general, and as an attempt to satisfy the growing inclination of the everyday Kolkatans to learn about the same, sources have introduced a number of websites in the internet which is dedicated to bringing about the most interesting information about all things Tollywood. The information that can be obtained from these websites are unique with everything cut and uncut included in the same. If the television channels had decided to remove certain scenes from their footages, one can be certain that these websites will do all justice to the edited parts. So, being a hard core fan of Tollywood and everything associated with it, it will always be a better option to obtain all news associated with this wonder world from these perfectly designed websites.

Welcome to My Tollywood Film Industry

There is a lot to know about the world of my Tollywood film industry. Many interesting facts about this film industry are not even known to its most dedicated fans. Today, online Tollywood websites offer this information to Tollywood fans.

World of cinema has its own charm and magical appeal. Cinema has millions of fans world over. In India, both Bollywood as well as Tollywood film industries rule the hearts of cinema lovers. Bollywood offers its fans the taste of larger than life, Hindi commercial movies, whereas, Tollywood is known for its superb masterpieces made in the regional languages. Numerous directors, singers and actors from Tollywood films have also given their contribution to the world of Hindi cinema. There is immense talent and potential in each and every member of my Tollywood film fraternity. There are many facts about this film industry that are not even known to its most dedicated fans.

my_tollywoodFor instance, the term ‘Tollywood’ for Bengali film industry was coined way before the idea of naming the Hindi film industry as ‘Bollywood’ was even conceived. It is also quite surprising for most fans to know that till the year, 1970 Tollywood film industry was the biggest industry! There are numerous such glorious facts about the world of Tollywood films that fans can now discover through any reputed Tollywood based websites. There are numerous such websites, but not all of these are of same standard, so they differ in terms of popularity that they enjoy from online Tollywood fans.

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These websites are full of all the spicy information that can satisfy any fan. For all lovers of Tollywood cinema, these websites are a perfect medium to get a closer look into the professional as well as private lives of stars.

Get Tollywood Online

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People of India can be termed as ‘great movie lovers’. Apart from Bollywood films, almost all states in India make movies in their own regional languages. The legacy created by cinema in India is simply unique and amazing in every sense of the word. The talented directors and all the members of Tollywood cinema too have contributed tremendously to enrich the world of films. Movies made in Tollywood depict the true talent and cinematographic professionalism of Tollywood film fraternity. Both commercial as well as art films are created by this industry. Tollywood films have brought into limelight a lot many cine talents and today one can get latest news about all these aspects of Tollywood online.

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